November Football Index Round Up

What another corker of a month!

After a whirlwind of a month in October with the trial of G&A, the rollercoaster continued into November kicking off with the announcement of the continuation of the G&A dividends as well as the addition of clean sheet dividends for goalkeepers.

Here at IndexGain we released out Goals, Assists and Clean Sheets report to help members track their player performance.

We also launched our super Fixture Difficulty Tool to help plan ahead and get your portfolio in shape with the right players from the right team with the best fixtures.

As a reminder…here’s the new in-play dividend structure:

GAACS Dividends

This announcement immediately saw a rise in all goalkeepers but then commenced with a steady decline as the end of the November approached.

More recently, we had the share split announcement on 30th of November for implementation during some time in Q1 of 2019. Money immediately went into the top end of the market with Neymar, Kimmich, Mbappe and Sterling leading the way.

The above screenshot is taken from our new Price Analysis report.

So December looks like the rollercoaster doesn’t intend to slow down as people get to grips with the new GAACS dividends and prepare for the upcoming share split also – combined with the fact that we have an upcoming winter break and the Jan transfer window is creeping up on us fast.

Anyway, let’s have a look at some stats using BuzzBot (Slack bot) & BuzzPro (Advanced Reports) to recap the month of November…

Total Dividend Winners:

Neymar smashed November with 51p in dividends followed by Ronaldo with 34p in dividends. It’s clear to see why these players are expensive – over the long term, these are familiar names at the top of the total dividend table.

Performance Buzz Dividend Winners:

Leading the PB dividends in November was Thorgan Hazard winning 30p in dividends followed by last seasons wonder Parejo.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igdivs + timeframe in Slack

Media Buzz Dividend Winners:

Neymar hit the headlines in November accumulating 43p in dividends in the month along with his 8p PB win also.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igdivs + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Increases From Top 200:

November was a poor month for many traders but spiked at the end of the month after the Fi announcements – but here are your top risers in November from the top 200:

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_top200 + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Fallers From Top 200:

Mr Barkley took the hit in November after a run of superb games came to an end. Some big names in this decrease list when looking over a full month:

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_top200 + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Rises From the Squad:

Zlatan is back in the headlines with rumours saying he’s heading back to Milan…one to watch in December also:

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_squad + timeframe in Slack

Team PB Scores:

Chelsea remain the team at the top for accumulating the most PB points as a team.

The only major change in this report is that Napoli move up a few slots in the rankings….they’ve been putting in some good scores as fixtures have been kind to them. Can they continue their form going into December as we approach a busy time for all leagues in Europe.

Price of the top 2000:

After a pretty slow start to the month, the price of the top 2000 players hit a peak towards the end followed soon after with a 3 day heavy drop as portfolios adjusted for GAACS dividends and the upcoming winter break.


The FOOTIE was very chopping in November with peak of 1.13% rise and 0.57% drops. They’re pretty significant movements.

You can use the Time Series Chart Report on BuzzPro to view the change in the FOOTIE over longer periods of time.

Good luck to all in December as we prepare for the festive period of fixtures!

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