Buzz Update (Premium)

Hi Premium traders,

First of all a big thank you for subscribing with us. Take up for our first week has been excellent, which is fantastic as it’s already created a community in our premium channel (check it out if you haven’t already).

DCA has been working hard to deliver requests as they come up. This week Nick S requested the ability to see individual player price appreciation which led to the Advanced Price Analysis report, available to all now (check out the video here if haven’t already as to how it works).

Just yesterday R Fuller requested a side by side player comparison which has led to Player Form Analysis, a report perfect for comparing players from the same team/ position to see which team mate offers the best value. This will be rolled out later today to all Premium subscribers.

Keep the suggestions coming as the above shows we really do listen and appreciate the help to make Buzz even more awesome. Whilst we cannot promise we will deliver on everything, we will certainly consider all requests and build a solution where feasible.

We are already working on Buzz 2.0 which we are massively excited about. All subscriptions to date are being ploughed straight back into the site to pay for the enhancements, external feeds are required to deliver a Buzz that takes it to the next level. Even working for free (which we do) the feeds sadly aren’t cheap unfortunately so ideally, we need more premium members to help share the costs so we can afford what Buzz needs to be even better.

With that in mind, any word spreading is always massively appreciated, we have very little presence on Facebook and the official forum so any shout outs on there always appreciated (retweets always appreciated too).

We will be able to reveal a little more about what Buzz 2.0 is all about soon, until then we will keep enhancing the existing BuzzBot and BuzzPro to save you time researching and help build you an even better portfolio.

Thanks all,


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