Pro Gamblers One Year Journey on Football Index

I’m Don and I left behind my day job many years ago to begin a life less ordinary as a professional gambler. Starting as a match bettor, I now consider myself a professional football index trader. Read my story below about how I made over £85,000 tax free in less than a year.


I’ve been making money from gambling for 11 years now, and it’s been my full time occupation for the last 5 years. How have I made money from gambling? It started with matched betting but it has taken many forms over time. I’m not going to explain these in detail now, but some of the titles have been Arber, Advantage Player,  Value Bettor, Shop Arber,  Spread Arber, In Play Arber and Sports Trader. A pretty varied gambling career covering all manner of sports and all manner of angles. Matched betting where I originally started was largely “risk-free”, whereas some of the other activities often involved some immediate risk. In the long term, though, you could argue that all of it has been risk-free.


To put it in Mathematical terms, I’ve been betting for over a decade on things that offer over an expected positive return on my money. For every pound I bet, I expect to get £1.01 or more returned to me. This doesn’t mean that I win all of the time, but all of my bets are good value and over time, you ride the variance and a profit is made (the maths always wins out).


So with this background, I’m very comfortable with risking money to accumulate and I am always looking for new ventures to grow my funds. With this in mind about a year ago Bishop (when IndexGain was still just a glint in his eye) pointed me in the direction of Football Index. A completely new form of sporting speculation I had never seen before. A platform that allows fans to become traders on a football stock market, using their knowledge of the game to make money. It’s fantasy football mixed with financial trading, what’s not to like! I’ll be honest, initially, it looked difficult to detect the immediate value.  I’m used to quick profit or loss. As soon as sporting events settle I’m either up or down and move on the next.  Adam Cole, the CEO of FI is keen on the phrase ‘the bet that stays open after the final whistle’. Never a truer word said and one that gamblers should take note of and be encouraged by. However, it threw me initially, but I now understand profit accumulation here is a little different to what I am used to, more gradual but consistent. Reinvesting money earnt means profits compound and earning money while you sleep or take time off is a game changer (up to now if I didn’t work, I didn’t earn).


 I started small and to be honest, I didn’t fully understand the rules at first or do much research (which I would definitely not recommend). I should have researched and then joined, but hey,  this isn’t a “how to” guide! If you are after one of those then you should absolutely watch this brilliant YouTube beginners guide by FIG.


After buying a few players and coming to realize that the dividends returned offered decent value and also the fact I was really enjoying the concept, I decided to up my investment. I put in a lot of my spare cash that I had lying around (mainly from bookies that I wasn’t using very much). It became apparent that Football Index was and is growing and that the dividends continued to represent decent value. Dividends are daily payments based upon players’ performance and media attention for that day. The regular trader meets arranged by Football Index gave me extra confidence in the company, and it demonstrated to me that they were ambitious and working hard to make the whole thing take off. For me, it was reassuring to see the company in the flesh as Football Index is the sort of place where you might tie up funds over a long period. Even a very active trader (who buys and sells often) wouldn’t necessarily withdraw back to the bank. It would be more likely that they re-circulate the money. So having the confidence that the company is strong and visible and pay out consistently is very important. With a traditional bookie, you might not feel this need to check them out, as there isn’t the same necessity to keep your money in the bookie. You bet, you win or lose and you withdraw or bet again. With Football Index, for me, it’s deposit then buy and then sell and buy.  I withdraw very occasionally but I like to keep the money in there earning for me through player capital appreciation. 


IndexGain started up in March and the additional level of researching tools at my fingertips there meant I felt further encouraged and with that, I invested further.  The legend of the FIG and others shows that there is an awful lot of interest in driving the concept onwards and getting it up there as a mainstream way to capitalise on football knowledge.  Looking back, I quickly moved from an initial small investment for the novelty aspect of it, to moving nearly all my capital from traditional betting markets into Football Index. I  would consider myself a semi-retired gambler and now a professional Football Index trader. To date, I have invested just over £150,000 and have made a gross profit of £87,398 in just under a year, and all tax free. 

Football Index: Give it a try with up to £500 risk-free trading


So for any Advantage Players,  Match Bettors or any other category of value punters who looks at Football Index and doesn’t see the immediate value, I’ll make the following points to sum up……

  • The value in Football Index is a little subtle. It plays out over time if you let it. There is growth in the product and the concept. The growth, in itself, gives value. 
  • It can help to have good football knowledge, but it’s not essential.
  • It’s my opinion that the dividends presently offer good value on the whole. With the ongoing nature of your trades/bets, you do learn how to read the market over time. It becomes easier to spot patterns and trends. You become better at spotting things to avoid and get used to the timings and patterns of the market.
  • The main difference for, me, has been the long term nature of the activity when compared to most bets that I put on. I suppose, for an Advantage Player, this long term aspect took a bit of seeing past. For a traditional stocks or currency trader, I’d guess that they would be more familiar with the whole setup.
  • The top and bottom of it is, can you trade in a manner that enables you to overcome the price spread and commission? At first glance, this seems prohibitive, but in time this is easily achievable if you put the effort in.
  • You can never research too much, IndexGain is an excellent place to start with their Siri style bots that do some of the work for you as well as online interactive reports which help highlight player value. Plus the community has over 1600 traders to share ideas with.

It’s nice to make an investment in something that is interesting and watch it play out on a Saturday afternoon. It’s actually brought back my love of football which I lost a little after years of traditional style gambling.  Even better, I now have some weekend time back, time previously I spent chained to my desk staring at Betfair markets. With my money in Football Index, I know I can get on the golf course and work on my handicap while my portfolio continues to earn for me.

If you fancy yourself as a football trader, then get involved now with the first week risk free up to £500.

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Written by BigDon
Football Index trader and semi-retired Pro Gambler. Future Masters Champion
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