October Football Index Round Up – It’s Been Emotional.

What a month it has been!!

With the sudden announcement of the new dividends for goals and assists trial, to trader rage, to a deposit bonus to say sorry – it’s been on hell of an emotional month on Football Index to say the least.

Let’s have a look at some stats using BuzzBot (Slack bot) & BuzzPro (Advanced Reports) to recap the month of October.

Performance Buzz Dividend Winners:

Leading the PB dividends in October was Marquinhos with a 24p back to back win. The PSG defender also seems to have been shifted from central defence to deep central midfield which maybe adding to his baseline and still gets the clean sheet bonus as he’s classified as a defender on Fi.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igdivs + timeframe in Slack

Media Buzz Dividend Winners:

Eden Hazard scooped up 73p worth of media dividends in October, leaving Pogba well behind in the distance. Hazard achieved just over 17,000 media buzz points in October compared to Pogba who accumulated just over 14,000 media buzz points. You can use the BuzzPro drilldown feature on any player to see their daily media buzz scores.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igdivs + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Increases From Top 200:

As mentioned in the opening line, it’s been a huge month for volatility.

We’ve certainly seen a trend in money flowing out of the usual suspects down to the middle tier of players in the £2 to £5 bracket and it’s evident to see in the BuzzBot /igmoves report below.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_top200 + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Fallers From Top 200:

Not surprisingly, it was bad month for James Rodriguez and Christiano Ronaldo. But we do have a few more £3+ players in the biggest drops list as expected.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_top200 + timeframe in Slack

Largest Price Rises From the Squad:

This is where the money from the top flowed down to and it’s no surprise to see that majority of the top risers are all strikers of in-form teams. Luka Jovic, who is now in the top 200 kicked off the G&A divs trial by smashing in 5 goals and setting the bar quite high for the trial.

Others in the list include Haller, Stuani and the striker from the in form Espanyol, Borja Iglesias. Zlatan is also up there in 2nd place with rumours circulating that he could be making a comeback to a PB league.

HOW TO SEE THIS REPORT: Use the command /igmoves_squad + timeframe in Slack

Team PB Scores:

Chelsea take over from Manchester City at the top of the Team PB Scores chart – the below ranks the teams who have accumulated the most amount of PB points. You can view all team data using the BuzzPro Team Comparison Report.

Worth keeping an eye on these for when clubs announce management changes or alternative playing styles over time.

Price of the top 2000:

Finally, the price of the top 2000 players shows good growth over the month ending with the deposit bonus increase.


The FOOTIE rose 1.4% on the day of the G&A dividends and 3.4% compared to previous day when the deposit bonus announcement was made.

You can use the Time Series Chart Report on BuzzPro to view the change in the FOOTIE over longer periods of time.

Let’s hope November is a bit more calmer and easy on the blood pressure.

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