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When I started IndexGain in March, I was expecting a small community of traders to share ideas with in realtime, via the awesomeness of Slack. A handful of traders soon became 100, and 100 traders soon became several hundred. Now we have hundreds logging in daily, a database with over 20 million rows of info and a Buzzbot that in the past week alone has been run more than 10,000 times!

Things have definitely grown way beyond my initial ambitions. Of late, my time is focused less on trading Football Index, and more on building new tools and features for IndexGain. This has started to dominate my time, and even after teaming up with @DCA, it is still very time-consuming. Alongside this (which, to be honest, is more fun than a burden), there is also an ever increasing set of costs for hosting, infrastructure, and external help that we presently pay from our own pocket to keep IndexGain ticking along. The next stages of development that we have planned (which we think you’re going to love) are going to push costs up considerably more, and the only way we can take IndexGain to the next level is for all us traders to share the costs associated with the features that we all benefit from. The first of many of which, is the latest addition to IndexGain – BuzzPro.

BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical reports for when you want to perform more detailed research than is available through BuzzBot. There are (as of writing) 11 new reports to run to make your trading decisions even easier, with many featuring our unique drill down function.  These reports range from historical performance and dividends reports, through to advanced player screening and comparison tools.

See example screenshot below of just one of our new reports, Advanced Player Comparison which performs a side by side analysis of multiple players at once. Receive a detailed comparison of their performance and media score distributions, as well as a breakdown of the dividends won.  This is just one of several reports that you can trial for free now and for the rest of October, see here for a breakdown of reports available.

This means, for the next 3 weeks, you get access to all the BuzzPro reports to play with for free, test them out and familiarise yourself with what is available and see if the reports help you improve your trading.

From 1st November BuzzPro and (Slacks) BuzzBot will only be available via a modest monthly subscription. After this date, the slack site & mobile app itself will still be free to use, so traders will be able to utilise all existing chat channels without charge. Price alerts will also still be available for free though will run hourly rather than every half hourly.

Premium subscribers will have the benefit of news alerts, price alerts every 15 minutes, BuzzBot, BuzzPro and a host of other features we have planned in the near future. We will add a matrix in due course to show what is available in detail for both the free and the premium plan.

Thanks to the numerous traders for getting us this far, especially thefiinvestor for keeping us focused on what matters, making a solution that makes trading simpler, more profitable and hopefully more fun! Lastly thanks to you, the near 1500 traders that have joined us to date. BuzzPro is just the start. We look forward to working with you all in taking IndexGain to the next level over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned, you aint seen nothing yet…..

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Written by Bishop
Worked in Asset Management for 10+ years. Professional Trader of Things since 2013: currency, sports, footballindex, tiddlywinks. IndexGain Co-founder
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