Introducing BuzzPro

Our latest addition to IndexGain is now available – BuzzPro (advanced and interactive reports for Football Index Traders)

BuzzPro is a series of detailed analytical reports for when you want to perform more detailed research than is available through BuzzBot.

UPDATE 7/12/18: BuzzPro has now been updated to include actual match data (AMD) into selected reports. So now you can see football index data such as PB Scores and dividend wins alongside match performance data such goals, assists, accurate passes, tackles and much more.

There are over 20 reports to run to make your trading decisions even easier, with many featuring our unique drill down function.  These reports range from historical performance and dividends reports, through to advanced player screening and comparison tools.

See example screenshot below of just one of our new reports, Advanced Player Comparison which performs a side by side analysis of multiple players at once. Receive a detailed comparison of their performance and media score distributions, as well as a breakdown of the dividends won.  This is just one of several reports that you can use for free now, see here for a breakdown of reports available.

Player Comparison

Player Dashboard with PB and MB Data and Match Stats

Player Screener with PB Scores and Match Stats and Price Charts

Sign up now as a premium member to take advantage of BuzzPro and our mobile reporting tool BuzzBot on the Slack app.


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