Player Performance Buzz Scores by Team (/igteam)

Part of the research process on football index starts from identifying teams which have a good run of games or showing a good run of form.

From there you’ll want to see who is scoring well for those teams from a performance buzz perspective.


BuzzBot can now provide you with average performance buzz scores for any team on football index along with dividend wins by player from that team.

All you have to do is type /igteam [team name] into the message box and press enter – example /igteam barcelona – and BuzzBot will present you with something which looks like this:

The above screenshot is for Barcelona and you can see a list of players ranked by average PB scores for the team.

Towards the bottom, you can see which players have won dividends, on this occasion, Messi has won the most dividends for Barcelona.

So if they have a decent run of games coming up, you may decide to view the players playerinfo report by typing another BuzzBot command /igplayerinfo [player name] and see his last 5 PB scores as shown below.

See it in action here….

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