How to find undervalued potential performance buzz stars on Football Index

Introducing the latest command in the BuzzBot series on IndexGain and it’s an evolution of the original /igovers command.

This command helps you find players who have scored over X PB points and under Y price where X and Y is up to you to define.

So for example, I want to see all players who have scored over 175 PB points and are under £3.

To do this, just type /igovers 175 £3 into the message box on Slack – and this is what BuzzBot will return….

So now you have a list of players who have scored over 175 and how many times they have done so, plus their current price.

You can keep playing around with the PB values and maximum price to start digging for unearthed gems to earn you some performance buzz dividends.

Here’s a quick video showing it in action…


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