Match Day/Performance Dividends on Football Index – How Does it Work and Who to Buy

Match day dividends, formerly known as Performance Buzz(PB) are one of the four ways of earning money on the index and is widely considered as the most enjoyable as it involves strategic thinking and offers the excitement of match day betting – every traders loves finding that unearthed gem who grows in price by 500%+ over a season.

The other three ways of making money are capital appreciation, in-play dividends and media dividends.

How do Match Day Dividends work?

Match day dividends are only eligible for the following competitions:

All available players (GK, Def, Mids, Fwds) from the above list of competitions qualify for earning match day dividends on Football Index.

What are the payouts for match days?

Dividends are awarded to the top scoring goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward at the end of each match day. (Scoring chart below)

A bonus star man dividend is also awarded to the player out of the top 3 who scored the most points. How much they win depends on how many games are taking place on that particular day.

Here’s the table for match day dividends along with how many games qualify for that match day:

Bronze = 1-4 games, Silver = 5 to 14 games and Gold = 15+ games or QF onwards of the European Club competitions.

As you can see, the most a player can win from match day dividends is 14p (position) + 14p (star) = 24p a share/future on a GOLD match day – usually a Saturday or Sunday or the latter stages of European competitions.

BRONZE game days means there’s less competition for dividends so the dividend payment is smaller – these match days are typically on Friday and Monday’s with 4p dividends are on offer for a positional win and a bonus 4p for the top points scorer (star man).

In an ideal scenario, you could have the top defender, midfielder and forward from a match day and take home all match day dividend winners – a total of 56p per share from 3 players if it’s a GOLD match day. This is why it’s sometimes best to diversify across all 3 positions to maximise your chances of winning performance dividends.

You can research match day scores and averages using this Opta Player Screener report.

What do players score points on?

Here’s what the match day scoring matrix/criteria looks like:

Players earn points for scoring goals, completing a pass, crossing the ball right through to interceptions and making last man tackles.

Each player can earn lots of points depending on their involvement in the game. Generally, winning teams with high possession who score goals tend to win performance dividends. Not always, but most of the time.

The live rankings on the website or app are updated in real time and show you the points scored by each player as the action unfolds. The only set of points to be added after the game is “Clean sheet points” which are added after the full-time whistle.

You’ll see 35 points are awarded for “Game Winning Goal” (GWG). This is the goal which puts a team in front. So if a game is 1-1 and a team score to make it 1-2, then the player who scored the goal to make it 1-2 is awarded the GWG points.

If a game finishes 4-2 then the player who scored the goal to make is 3-2 is awarded the game winning goal.

Who are the best match day scoring players?

Here are the top 20 performance buzz dividend winners from 1st Aug 2019 to 1st Sept 2020..

But, it’s not always just about goals – players from high possession teams also do well on football index as they rack up points for pass completions and crosses.

For example, Toni Kroos the Real Madrid midfielder, racked up circa 117 points from just passing alone.

In this game, we can use BuzzBot to find out what his PB score was and if he won a dividend – he actually finished on 190 points and won top midfielder for the triple match day – 12p per share. (Note, this was before the share split before dividends were cut by 3)

You can use performance score averages to find players who maybe under the radar and choose to research them further.

Here’s a guide to researching players using BuzzPro advanced reports and BuzzBot on Slack app (desktop or mobile):

And this is what makes performance dividends on football index so much fun – anything can happen from a defender scoring two goals to a midfielder just passing a lot – and either of them can win you a surprise win.

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