View Player Performance Buzz Scores & Stats (/igscores)

Introducing /igscores!

A new Buzz Bot command which you can enter right on IndexGain Slack app to view any football index players PB scores, their final position & dividend wins right on your mobile or desktop for the season 18/19.

All you have to do is type /igscores and the players name. Here’s what you’d see if you typed in /igscores Kimmich….as you can see, he’s winning A LOT!

The numbers in the brackets are his positional ranking at the end of the game day as well as position win and star man wins.

You can see he’s had some decent scores.

See it in action here…

What about when a player finishes first and wins a dividend?

We got ya back covered folks.

Here’s what a dividend win looks like….

This report shows Kimmich finished 1st in the positional rankings as well as 1st overall giving him the star man bonus.

So there you have it.

Now you can quickly view all PB scores and dividend wins for any player for this season, anytime and anywhere.

For a full list of commands please see this Buzz Bot Commands page.

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