How to View a Players Highest Scores on Football Index (/igovers)

Many football index traders are interested in “peak scores” and some prefer “averages”.

Difference between the two is that peak scores means players who have the ability to score over a specific amount – say 200 – a few times which can win you a dividend return very easily. Whereas high averages focus on players who score consistently well over a period of time. There’s no right or wrong, it’s a matter of using the information to help make better informed decisions.

So, now, members of IndexGain can view peak scores using the command /igovers and then the amount/score you wish to set as the threshold.

For example, I want to view all players who have managed a score of 200 or over…I just enter /igovers 200 into the message box on the IndexGain slack app and here’s what Buzz Bot gives you…

As you can see, players are grouped by position (GK/Defs/Mids/Fwds) and how many times they have achieved that score or more and from how many appearances. You can click on the show more links to view the top 50 players.

Let’s lower the threshold a bit and view players who have scored more than 150 or more


You can see that Alonso has managed over 150 three times from four appearances – that’s very good going.

From here, you can view a breakdown of any players PB scores using the /igscores command or view a players dividend wins by using the /igdivs command.

For a full list of commands please see this Buzz Bot Commands page.




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