How to Research Players to Buy on Football Index using BuzzBot on IndexGain

We’ve just released a brand new version of the BuzzBot with many more commands to play with.

Below i’ll take you through an example trade from start to finish utilising some of the new buzz commands available. Buzz is there to take the heavy lifting out of player research, to let you find potential value from your desk or on the go on your mobile.

Ramos raising the bar

On Saturday evening, Ramos made a dramatic 25% move upwards after taking the ball for the penalty in the 66th minute and securing the defender and star man dividend win with a PB score of 224. This is despite the fact that Benzema had already scored a brace, thus denying him the chance of a hat-trick. With Ronaldo gone this very much confirms that Ramos, at least for the time being, is the defacto penalty taker in the Real squad. Traders soon realised of course that this made Ramos a more valuable player and as such his price was pushed from the £4 mark to well over £5, making him the first defender in the FI Universe to reach this milestone.


Using BuzzBot to look for opportunities

Using BuzzBot, we can see what other defenders are recording similar scores to Ramos so far this season.


The /igrank command displays the top players by average performance buzz scores. To look at defenders exclusively, just type /igrank def which brings back the below.


So far this season only the defenders Daniel Carvajal and Joshua Kimmich have managed to beat or match Ramos for PB scores. Joshua from only 2 appearances against 3 appearances for both Ramos and Carvajal.


Using the /igscores command we can look at individual PB match scores for each player rather than averages, this is recommended to check to ensure a player is consistently securing good PB scores or if the average has been dragged up by one or two standout performances. The ideal player is someone who achieves both, stand out ‘peak’ scores as well as a high average. Type /igscores followed by player name to bring back this information.


Pretty consistent scoring by both, with each securing a dividend win already this season (and a star man for Carvajal on a treble match day).
Let’s look at both players general stats next via the /igplayerinfo report.


Note that Kimmich has a similar PB average from last season as Carvajal (Kimmich 105 average from 34 appearances versus Carvajal 100 average from 26 appearances). Both players are also of similar age.


The key difference between the two players is the price. Kimmich is trading at £4.36 whereas Carvajal is only £2.16. Interestingly the Kimmich price is almost identical to the Ramos price before it was made aware that Ramos is now Reals penalty taker.


Looking at, Joshua Kimmich rating last season was 7.23 (2334 mins played) against a score of 7.06 (2223 mins played) for Carvajal. Whoscored rating is by no means a perfect measurement, but it certainly highlights which players are doing good things on the pitch.


Making the trade

Carvajal does look value at only 52% of Kkimmich price and 42% of Ramos price. Although it is still early in the season, no other goalkeeper/ defender has achieved his peak score of 246 as the /igovers command shows.


Of course its worth stating that Carvajal is effectively going to be competing week in week out with teammate Ramos for PB which reduces his chances of dividends. That said, Carvajal has already proved he can beat Ramos and in fact every other defender as he did in the match against Girona on the 26th August, despite the fact that Ramos even scored.
Given the information above, I have made a purchase of 40 shares at the price above of £2.26 for a total cost of £90.40
I plan to hold this defender for the mid-term, so will see how this trade goes over the coming weeks.


Hopefully the above gives you a taste of how BuzzBot can be utilised to assist with your buys. For a full list of buzzbot commands, please see here


UPDATE: Since this blog post has been written, Carvajal price has risen 9%.


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