Best Players by Position on Football Index by Average Performance Buzz Scores (/igrank)

Want to know who the best defenders, midfielders or forwards are on Football Index?

All you have to do is use this Buzz Bot command /igrank and then the positions you would like to view.

For example, to view the best forwards by average performance scores you just type /igrank fwd into the message box on the IndexGain Slack app…

Now you can see the top 50 forwards sorted by average performance buzz score and from how many games.

See it in action here…

Hopefully, from here, you’ll be able to pick a few players to research further using the /igdivs (has this player won dividends?) and /igscores (view all scores from this season) commands.

See these posts for more information on viewing a players dividend breakdowns or view all the Buzz Bot commands here.

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