What are media and performance buzz dividends on football index?

On Football Index, there are three ways of making money.

  1. Capital appreciation: Buying players who are cheap in the hope they will be priced higher later in the season
  2. Performance Buzz Dividends: Players who finish top of their positions and earn you money for each share/future owned
  3. Media Buzz Dividends: Players who you own which finish top of the media rankings at the end of each day and earn you money for each share/future owned

In this article, we’re going to focus on number 2 and 3. Dividends are won each day whether there’s games happening or not.

See this table to view the payout structure for football index:

If there are 0 games happening that day, then we go into a “media day” where the first, second and third players in the media buzz live rankings at the end of the day will earn you money.

If there are between 1 and 4 games then it’s classed as a “single match day” where the payouts are for the top forward, midfielder, defender and the highest scorer out of the three. For media, only the top player gets media buzz dividends.

If it is a “double day” then it’s the same as the single day, but the dividends are doubled.

If more than 15 games are occurring (mostly Saturday’s and Sunday’s) then the maximum dividends can be won which is 5p per share/future and a bonus of 2p for star man.

If any of your players win any dividends, they are credited to your cash balanced between 12am and 3am (sometimes later) and you can either withdraw or reinvest into new or existing players.

Hope this post helps you to learn how the dividends are won and how they are structured.

As always, you can run any report on IndexGain to view dividend winners from any date and/or historical winners over any time frame.

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