Introducing PB (Performance Buzz) Scores on /playerinfo Reports for 18/19 on IndexGain

From today, every member of IndexGain will have access to PB scores for season 18/19.

When you run the /playerinfo {name} command for BuzzBot, you will be presented with a player report which will include:

  1. PB average for 17/18
  2. PB average for 18/19
  3. Last 5 PB scores
  4. 5 highest PB scores (peak scores)

This is in addition to a dividend history and yield data which is already on the player info reports.

And the report looks like this:

Beauty of this is that you can run this report anytime, anywhere right on your mobile.

So whilst you’re waiting for the bus or the train or with mates down the pub, you can chat about any players PB scores right there and then.

Don’t forget, you can check any players dividend history and their breakdown by using the command /igdivs followed by the players full name. See part 2 of this post for more info.

So, enjoy using the /playerinfo command now with PB scores for season 18/19.

For a full list of commands please see this Buzz Bot Commands page.

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