View media buzz and performance buzz scores from any single match day (/igscores date)

In the latest update to Buzz Bot, the siri style IndexGain bot, you can now ask Buzz to show you the media buzz and performance buzz scores in around 1 second for any particular match day or date as far back as 14th June (start of World Cup).

Just type /igscores yesterday and Buzz will show you the PB and MB scores from the previous day.

You can also type in /igscores 10th August say in a few weeks time and revisit the above report right on your mobile from inside the IndexGain Slack app.

The report for each match day will be automatically added to the #chat channel at the end of each match day. But you can run the report ad-hoc when you want to see historical reports.

Nice eh?

For a full list of commands please see this Buzz Bot Commands page.

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Written by fiinvestor
Joined Football Index in October 2017 and focus more on PB dividend returns as I find it suits my trading style much better. Get rich slowly. Avid Leicester City supporter and FPL fanatic also.
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