Introducing two new Buzz Bot commands – Who won PB/MB and Player Dividend Breakdowns (/igwinners & /igdivs)

What a crazy few weeks we’ve had on IndexGain!

We’ve now surpassed 800 members and introduced 2 brand spanking new commands for users to query Buzz Bot.

For those who don’t know, Buzz Bot is an IndexGain bot which can present you with lots of information depending on the query or command you enter in any channel on the app. See this blog post to see it in action.

All of this works on your mobile so whilst you are waiting for that train or bus, you could be researching for your next player purchase using a bunch of Buzz Bot commands.

So let’s take a look at the 2 new Buzz Bot commands.

  1. /igwinners

When you enter the above command (/igwinners) Buzz will show you who won PB/MB for the previous day.

If you want to know who won PB/MB on a specific date then just enter the date after the above command. Like this /igwinners 15th July 2018.

Simple enough?

Ok, so onto the second one.

2. /igdivs

This is HUGE!!

If you want to know how many times Salah has won media buzz or performance buzz then you can do so now with one simple command.

Enter /igdivs Salah into any channel on Slack and Buzz Bot will present you with the following:

Now you can see Salah’s yield since August 2017.

You can also see his total dividends and how many times he’s won PB and MB with a breakdown of dates he won them and what type of match day it was (treble = x3).

You can do this with any player. And remember, all data is from August 2017.

For a full list of commands you can enter on IndexGain app to find out Football Index player information then see this post: Buzz Bot Commands

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