Survey Results: Expected Performance Buzz Wins 18/19

As we prepare for the upcoming season many traders will be thinking about which players will earn them the most dividends next season.

Many traders will have low expectations for some players and some traders have really high expectations for some players to win dividends next season. I’m one to mix my portfolio up with those who are expected to meet my own expectations and some to exceed my expectations (surprise me!).

So what I thought would be interesting is to ask the same question to traders over in the social space and see where the expectations are and then make some assumptions to determine the dividend yield for some of these players.

How may PB wins (exc star man) do you expect the following players to win next season?

Before we move onto the results…..a few caveats:

  • 100 responses achieved
  • Used the majority of PB wins selected by survey respondents
  • Where it was tied, I chose the highest PB win
  • Calculations assume wins are all triple match days & exclude star man or media divs
  • Many traders will already be holding some of the players
  • Prices as at 6th July 9.30pm
  • Link to full results below

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So what does this tell us?

Parejo! <emoji: shocked face>

Well, expectations seem to be quite high amongst midfielders but there are a few on that list where you might look at and think “expectations are low on that player”.

One that sticks out to me is KDB? Majority of traders out of 100 think he’ll only win 1 PB all season.

Is this where the value lies? The fact that majority of the 100 traders think a player win only 1 PB.

It’s up to you to decide – but hopefully this helps you in some shape or form to understand where expectations are for PB wins next season.

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Written by fiinvestor
Joined Football Index in October 2017 and focus more on PB dividend returns as I find it suits my trading style much better. Get rich slowly. Avid Leicester City supporter and FPL fanatic also.
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