Meet Buzz – the IndexGain bot for Football Index Stats and Data

The team at IndexGain would like you to meet BuzzBot.

BuzzBot is a bot used on Slack, on the FI community platform, and BuzzBot has spent the last few months studying lots of data related to Football Index.

You’re probably picturing that scene from Short Circuit where Johnny 5 whisks through that book in like 3 seconds. Right?

Well, BuzzBot has been kind of doing exactly that.

BuzzBot has been learning player buzz PB scores, wins, total dividends earned, count of performance buzz wins from the 2017 season onwards.

And the best bit is….it takes roughly 1 second for BuzzBot to tell you any info.

Need to know how many times Salah has won PB?

All you have to do is call on BuzzBot by typing /playerinfo salah and hit enter on the Slack app where the IndexGain trader community lives.

And you will see a player report card containing all of his info.

Click here to see the /igplayerinfo report for Ronaldo:  See Example

See everything BuzzBot can do here.

Quick video to show the /igplayerinfo report on Slack in action:

More BuzzBot videos:

Buzz is continuing to read and remember more data so Buzz will continue to provide you with more info such as performance buzz scores, yields and calculations in the future to help you make better and more informed decisions about the next player you invest in.

Go, join IndexGain now or login and give Buzz a go.

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