Depay vs Fekir – Breakdown of PB Scores and Wins

Depay is certainly taking the Index by storm recently and deservedly so. His form towards the end of the season is certainly one to take note of.

His price has shot up from around £1.31 in March to £2.88 today – 119% rise in price and 4 PB wins in the last few weeks.

Many of the discussions on Twitter about Depay has led to many reasons being stated for his rise in price and why traders are buying:

  1. If Fekir leaves, he’s the main man at Lyon
  2. Depay has a buy back clause for Manchester United in his contract
  3. Traders stashing him for next season due to his high PB win count
  4. Depay did well when Fekir was out with injury

All of these reasons are valid and each come with risk and emotional control – especially if you are holding during the summer and don’t come under the temptation to cash out and spend on someone else. (Probably a good time to note “why are you buying him?”)

Fekir has scored 18 goals in 30 league matches and Depay has 19 goals in 36 league games – hence why both have increased chances of getting that elusive game winning goal.

Depay is priced at £2.88 at the time of writing and Fekir is £4.33 with strong links to a move to the premiership hence the higher price. That’s a £1.45 difference but that gap has closed massively recently. May have been around £2.50 around Xmas time.

Both are classed as forwards in Football Index and both play in a number of positions – from out on the wing to in behind the striker which means both are always involved in build up play.

But let’s breakdown PB scores for each since Fekir’s IPO (he was the latter out of the two) back in October. (click image to make larger)

As you can see. Depay and Fekir both shared PB wins 3 weeks on the trot since Fekir’s IPO back in October – kicking off with Metz. This is when Fekir was suddenly on everyone’s PB radar – what a way to introduce yourself!

Then Fekir went on a huge run with really high PB scores after the Amiens game – even tho he only won once out of the 5 big red spikes in the middle he certainly reinforced himself as a decent hold for PB.

Fekir was then injured during the latter part of the season (Montpellier to Metz – 7 games) and made a short cameo appearance against Amiens on his return.

It wasn’t until Lyon had a decent run of games in Ligue 1 when Depay went on his PB win rout. He was getting good game time and he was getting the opportunities against the weaker opposition.

Toulouse finished 3rd from bottom, Metz finished bottom of the league conceding 76 goals and Amiens finished in 13th spot.

The final game of the season was cracker for Depay – he scored twice against Nice earlier in the season too. What a way to draw the curtains and leave every trader on the edge of their seats – now we just head into a really long intermission.

“Past performance is no guarantee of future results”

So, with 5 PB wins for Depay last season, many are buying with the expectation of more PB wins next season and further price appreciation.

Many are also buying due to his buy back clause in his contract – will he return to Man Utd? The door has been left open. Maybe not this season but maybe next?

But with Fekir looking like he’s on his way out, what does this mean for Depay? The above chart says “he does well on his own but only against weak opposition”.

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Written by fiinvestor
Joined Football Index in October 2017 and focus more on PB dividend returns as I find it suits my trading style much better. Get rich slowly. Avid Leicester City supporter and FPL fanatic also.
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