Why I bought Dusan Tadic

As we approach the end of the season, many traders are now looking at transfer prospects – mainly from clubs who have under achieved and look likely to be relegated from the Premiership.

It’s pretty close down there with many of the bottom 4 or 5 yet to play each other still.

Remaining games for each team & fixture difficulty (green = easy, orange = tricky, red = tough):

Crystal Palace (35 pts): LEI, sto, WBA
Huddersfield (35 pts):
 EVE, mci, che, ARS
Swansea (33 pts): CHE, bou, SOT, STO
Southampton (29 pts): BOU, eve, swa, MCI
Stoke (29 pts): liv, CPL, swa

Whilst I appreciate no game is easy for the teams at the bottom – there’s plenty of 9 pointer games in there and we should see some of the likely transfer targets put in some serious shifts as they look to save their team for relegation or impress potential club scouts/managers.

Swansea v Stoke on the last day!! My goodness.

There are plenty of players from the above teams already being bought up on FI such as Zaha, Shaqiri, Evans, Betrand, Cedric and the like – but I was adamant there should still be a player or two who many may have missed.

So, why have I bought Dusan Tadic?

Whilst many Southampton players have seen 20-50% gains already in anticipation of leaving the club, Dusan Tadic (93p) caught my eye.

I’ve seen a few rumours linking him to Everton also.


His price has recently gone from 82p to 93p, a 13% change. That 13% has also occurred much more recently rather than over a longer period of time compared to others as the below chart shows (taken from Football Index Edge).

Time frame: 1st March 2018 up to 16th April 2018 

If he’s not yet been properly linked to another club yet I think he will be during or after the World Cup.

Other points which back up my buy rationale (which are mainly geared towards the World Cup):

  • 29 years of age, not old
  • Key player for Serbia, so if he impresses this World Cup, his appeal also increases
  • PB buzz potential for World Cup
  • On penalties for Serbia
  • Scored a total of 4 goals in the WC qualifiers, 2nd only behind to Mitrovic.
  • On set pieces
  • Scored in last friendly vs Morocco
  • Linked with Everton (Story)

So, there are my reasons for buying the Saints winger Dusan Tadic – I’m excited as the season comes to a close as to which players look most likely to be leaving and which clubs they’ll most likely be going to.

[UPDATE: Tadic won triple midfielder PB on 29/4]

Worth bearing in mind also that some players may become better from a PB point of view depending on the team they move to & the style of football they play.

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